can i make money online gambling
May 20, 2020

Can I make money on gambling?

By monkey

The stories of people, who allegedly were able to beat the casino, having gained wealth overnight, are widely known. But here it is worth considering how much is known about the life of such people? How did they manage the money? How did you begin to live in the future?

How many examples of ruined casinos are known? Gambling is a serious business, often closely related to crime. Casinos are opened exclusively to enrich the owner. The same goes for online slot machines. With regard to all this, only one thing can be said it is better not to start, as with the use of alcohol or cigarettes.

But people win!

Of course, examples of those who managed to win are known. Otherwise, who would go to the casino if everyone came out from there sad and without a penny in their pocket? Of course, everyone hopes to grab his “lucky ticket”, only the casino system itself implies that the longer a person stays in it, the higher the probability of losing all the money.

But have you ever wondered where those who managed to win spent the money? In most cases, people again bring their winnings to the casino in order to lose in the end. Someone begins to believe in their luck (blindly), someone simply is not able to stop. The reason is not so important!

The only way to win at a casino is to own it.

But there are methods to win!

When it comes to ways to win at the casino, most often we are talking about the so-called strategies for winning the casino and, for example, very often about the “Martingale strategy”, which consists of doubling the amount of the bet in case of defeat. Here are just the statistics here in any gambling game will be against the player. The chance of winning, in any case, is less than 50%. And in this situation, the defeat and loss of all money with a sufficiently long series are inevitable.

As for attempts to deceive the casino, here most of the methods are well known, and those who want to use them will be caught. Well, no one will reveal any new methods to you; the author himself will prefer to get the most out of them. Counting on the generosity and kindness of people is at least stupid.

What about poker?

Do not confuse casinos and gambling between people. If there is no sharpie among the players, then victory depends on personal qualities, such as equanimity, the ability to keep cards in mind, and calculating chances. Of course, there is also an element of luck. However, poker is already considered almost a sport. It is worth noting that the casino usually deals only with the organization of such games for people, but as a player does not appear, because there really is a chance of losing. And the casino loves such a game and only in this situation when the probability of victory is on its side.

There are people who make money playing poker, but this requires a lot of effort, training, and luck. The same can be said of any gambling occurring between individuals and having a certain skill component that is when there is a dependence on the skill of the player.

Why can’t the casino lose?

It should be noted that initially, the organization of gambling is a business where the possibility of ruin is not provided, except due to competition with other similar institutions. The casino itself does not bet, therefore, it does not lose.

All games are arranged in such a way that the player is initially disadvantaged.

When playing Blackjack, for example, it is the player who first shows the cards, takes risks, and only then, knowing the player’s alignment, the croupier acts.

As for modern pseudo-slot machines or scripts used in many European online casinos, they are generally set up in such a way as to give out as a win only a part of the money that has already been paid into them, that is, such a machine in principle does not work at a loss. If even 20 thousand were deposited in it, then he will not be able to give out more than 10 or 15 as a win. Of course, after someone has lost a lot on 1 slot machine, the player who comes next can win, but after that, the slot machine will again start saving money.