Ground casino or online
May 23, 2020

Ground casino or online?

By monkey

Not so long ago, people were not even given a choice. Absolutely all gambling people wanted to get into the casino club. And often, due to the lack of alternatives. When to go to play in a real institution far away, which is checked by special organizations for the control of honesty. When not everyone could afford it, people went to the local, land-based casino establishment. They could be clandestine or illegal, and so players were often deceived here.

But perhaps, fortunately, those days are gone. Now players have a decent alternative-an online casino. You don’t need to go anywhere. Or save a huge amount of money and be afraid that you will be deceived. No, just the opposite, in an online casino, everything is much more honest. At the same time, the chance to win when playing online is much higher and all thanks to the rapidly developing market and increasing competition.

Naturally, in the Internet environment, you can often find dishonest institutions. Who use illegal slots or can “throw” you with the payment of winnings. At the same time, they come up with some ridiculous reason. But at least in the case of an online casino, you can prepare in advance and learn about the integrity of the institution from other players online. And it is very easy to check whether casino slots are licensed.

The statistics of play in online and land-based casinos

What do the statistics tell us? According to the results of recent years, we can safely say that there is very strong growth in online casino revenues and a slight decrease in land-based ones. This, in turn, suggests that an increasing number of people prefer land-based casinos-online establishments.

According to research by the Gambling Research Center, in just 1 year, in 2017, land-based establishments received 12% less revenue. If you translate % into numbers, you get a loss of more than 15 billion dollars. However, the offline casino is still the leader in the global gambling market.

As for online casinos, their influence is growing strongly. No, the total revenue of online casinos is still very far from offline establishments. However, in recent years, profits have increased by 30% or 10bn euros. Growth is very strong here. But in terms of total numerical value, online establishments are still far behind.

But in the end for online casinos we have…

Yes, we can say that there are significantly more players in online establishments if we calculate the total mass. But that’s why there are so many players out there that it’s affordable. But bets in land-based and online casinos have a huge difference! In an online casino, you can bet from 1 cent or 1 ruble, when, as in land-based establishments, you will not be allowed to use less than$ 1.

The field of online gambling is very attractive to investors. There are fewer risks, more comfort, and players get no less pleasure from the game. Yes, there is no such environment as in land-based casinos. However, playing from home also has its advantages, doesn’t it?) And if you want to spin real roulette or play blackjack with live dealers, there is always a ready-made solution-live casino. This way you can sit at your monitors and simultaneously communicate with the dealer. You will be able to see “live” hands, and even be able to communicate with other players at “Your table”.

Why choose online and land-based casinos?

Each player, for various reasons, chooses one or another way to have fun. One thing is the same in both cases-people come to the casino (playing on a computer or tablet) to have fun, to get away from their heavy thoughts, everyday life, and worries.

But in the case of land-based establishments, some players are attracted to the atmosphere of the institution: treats, bright flashes, darkened room, beautiful girls, increased excitement, and adrenaline growth. Some players come to offline casinos to “show themselves”. They need to show their status, their income, their wealth.

And, as a rule, land-based casinos are often played by people who have everything in order with money and their social status is already quite established. But it is worth noting that the number of establishments has changed over the years. If previously the casino was played mostly by middle-aged men, now they make up only 40% of visitors, while the other 40% are women aged about 40 – 45 years. The remaining 20% is for people over the age of 50.