Is Baccarat a game for the elite class?
June 29, 2020

Is Baccarat a game for the elite class?

By monkey

Baccarat is the most popular game among the aristocracy. The essence of it is that the player tries to score as many points as possible, than the opponent, using 2, maximum 3 cards. In the modern version, a variation of the game with a dealer has become increasingly popular.

The debate about the most aristocratic game ended when it was revealed that many representatives of even the middle class, or rather-their vast majority, did not even know about the existence of baccarat for a long time. For centuries, it remained the prerogative of Dukes, Earls, lords, and other notable Europeans. It seems that the top of different countries exchanged the game exclusively among themselves.

Thanks to the Spanish name of the game, today baccarat is often called Punto-Banco, and thanks to the French-zhelezka (“railway” in literal translation). It is extremely difficult to determine the exact time and place of origin of the game, but most often this fact is attributed to the French and Italians.

The Apennine version is more convincing, since baccarat means “zero” in Italian. As you know, in this game, ten and cards with “faces” give zero points. It is interesting that at first Tarot cards were used for the game, which were extremely popular at that time.

From the first days of its existence, baccarat was played exclusively by the nobility. In France, for many decades, if not centuries, it remained almost the only consistently popular occupation.

What is the mystery of its origin?

The aristocracy of the game is directly related to the mystery of its origin. The man who is considered the inventor of baccarat (the Italian Felix Falguere), claimed that he relied on a certain Etruscan ritual of worship of the gods. There were nine of them, and one face of a special bone was used for each. After her throw, the fate of the virgins was determined: some could become priestesses, and others were swallowed up by the abyss. Bloodthirstiness is a thing of the past, but the principle of the game remains.

What is the principle of baccarat?

The principle of baccarat is similar to the” game of points “or” 21″, only the par value is lower. Given that cards from ten to all images are considered null, only the remaining ones are taken into account. The winner is the one who scored 9 points, or the number of points closest to this figure.

What about aristocrats?

Since for a long time baccarat was considered exclusively a game of aristocrats, you should not be surprised at the highest stakes in this game. Baccarat games are often played behind closed doors in VIP rooms, and the stakes can reach mind-boggling proportions. The casino usually takes 5% of each bet if it does not act as a dealer.