Most popular secondary card games
June 13, 2020

Most popular secondary card games

By monkey

Today, there are a huge number of gambling establishments on the Internet, each of which offers an incredible selection of games, including card games. You know very well the most popular ones. This is a classic poker and blackjack game. And what are the most popular secondary card games, which may not be so popular, but they also play a lot of fans of gambling entertainment. In our article, we will analyze such card entertainment.

Blackjack in the open

Despite the fact that the user sees both dealer’s cards in this type of blackjack game, it is not very popular among gambling addicts, because it has several not very pleasant moments for the player. First, all users sitting at the table of this type of blackjack, and even those who have collected blackjack, receive an equal amount of money. Second, you can only double your bid from 9, 10, and 11.

Maligan poker

As you know, when playing club poker, the user gets a bad hand and is forced to play with it. If we talk about such a variety as Maligan poker, which, by the way, can only be found online, the user has the opportunity to change a bad hand to another. At the same time, they will need to place an increased bid.

In this case, four dealer cards are visible to the user. The player has the right to make one of three decisions: place a bet, discard or change cards. Depending on how many cards the user discards, the cost of this procedure changes, based on the calculation that one changed card costs 1 Ante.

It is noteworthy that this gambling entertainment in another view is perfectly familiar to everyone since childhood. So, the user and the dealer get one card in the open. The one whose card is older wins the hand. If the cards are of the same rank, the user decides whether to declare war or split the bet in half.

In short, Mulligan in card games is a kind of “second chance”, an opportunity to re-perform some action, in other words, “cancel” your move and make it again in case of an error. But in some games, this concept has another meaning a complete retake, discarding cards, and mixing them back into the deck. As a result, the player gets, for example, a completely new combination of cards, giving up those that were originally his. Of course, this rule is used very rarely, since it is completely unprofitable to anyone except the player himself.

What is mulligan in card games?

What is Mulligan in card games, not everyone knows and it is not surprising, because this concept comes from Golf, and in other games is used much less often.

What are the most popular secondary card games?

Another type of poker that has been relegated to the background is called Oasis poker. The task is very simple. Thus, the user and the dealer receive five cards each.

What is Red Dog Poker?

It is worth noting that this type of poker is based solely on luck. No mathematical calculations will help you. So, the user’s task in red Dog Is to guess whether the third card will fall between the user’s two pocket sheets. And this should be done with the most accurate approximation to the truth.