Zero-Efficiency Casino Strategies
July 16, 2020

Zero-Efficiency Casino Strategies

By monkey

The element of luck is one of the most important conditions for winning in a casino. You can minimize this element of the game by using skill, understanding the essence of the game, and using strategy. But some of them not only do not bring the proper effect, but also reduce the game itself exclusively to the smiles of fortune.

One of the most reasonable strategies that involves a responsible attitude of the player is the strategy of betting on a certain percentage of the bets. As an example, a standard bankroll of $100 should be given. Winning the first bet ($10) will mean that the next amount you risk will be $11. If the first bet loses, it will be $9.

Of course, in this case, you may be very lucky, and you will immediately win several bets in a row and decide to leave, because long-term luck is not worth counting on. But it may well be that a number of bets will lose and you will need luck in the next few cases to at least get back what you lost. However, it is clear that this may not happen.

Another strategy with zero effectiveness is called “striking out”. A series of numbers from one to twenty is assumed. You add 1 to your minimum bet (in our case, the same $ 10) and, if the bet is lost, add the same amount again to your next bet. When she wins, the number 1 is no longer used, and go to 2, acting in the same way. Needless to say, the people who praise this tactic are a tiny percentage of those who have experienced it. Much more angry reviews.

When roulette was still quite primitive, in comparison with modern samples, it may have made some sense to bet on the same color. In this case, it is assumed that, for example, red will appear significantly more often than black. Naturally, with a random number generator, such a “chip” is no longer stable, although many people experience luck in this way.

How about the winning color?

The strategy of betting on the winning color also looks doubtful for a successful outcome. Here, the player must only bet on the color that was the winning color in the last draw. It doesn’t do any good.

What is bid strategy?

A bid strategy that is the reverse of the previous one can also lead to significant losses. The player must place each subsequent bet on the opposite color: if the bets on red are won, the next bet will be on black.

How about the rules?

As a rule, strategies with zero effectiveness are not used by those who have tried them more than once. However, there are exceptions. Sometimes they are used out of desperation by lost clients. However, no experienced player will ever adopt any of the methods described above.